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Calm Sea

Burial At Sea, Ash Scattering
Sailing From Leonardo State Marina, Leonardo, NJ
Services offered year round 

ash scattering
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At Sea Beast Charters, we understand that bidding farewell to a loved one is a difficult time, and our sea burial service helps to provide a unique and dignified way to commemorate their passing. Our experienced crew will take you and your family on a peaceful journey out to sea, allowing you to say goodbye to your loved one with the same respect and reverence as a land burial. We understand the importance of providing a respectful and dignified sea burial for your loved one, and the crew at Sea Beast Charters will work with you every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Services Offered:

Six Passenger Family & Friends Ash Scattering - $550.00

This option allows for up to six passengers, 3 hours to accompany your loved one as we sail three miles off the coast of New Jersey to bid farewell. Our vessel offers comfortable seating, a full restroom and an indoor cabin. For an additional fee we are happy to extend the time please contact us to discuss. 


Captains Services- $350.00

For those who are unable to board a vessel or sail on the final journey of their loved ones our Captain will accompany their remains and bid farewell to them on your behalf. A certificate will be provided to the family .

In order to offer a more personal service please contact us directly to discuss how you would like to specifically honor your loved one. We can be reached by phone or email with email being the best form of contact.


Phone: 908-601-4828

Frequently Asked Question

How do I reserve this service?

     Please contact us at 908-601-4828 or email

Do I need to present any documentation or complete any forms?

     No, we will complete all required documentation and provide you with a certificate. We simply ask for the deceased legal name, date of death and date of cremation.  We will prepare the EPA paperwork and submit on your behalf. 

Can we have a religious ceremony and/or perform a service?   

    Yes.  You are welcome to perform any type of service you wish. 

Can we scatter flowers on the water along with the ashes?

    Yes. Please see the list below specifying items that can be included. 

What happens if the weather is bad?

   The evening prior to your scheduled date the Captain will confirm the weather conditions and contact you if the service must be rescheduled. There is no additional charge to reschedule if the service is cancelled by the Captain.

Can an urn be placed in the water as well?

   Yes, as long as it is biodegradable. Please see the EPA guidelines below regarding items that can be buried at sea. 

EPA Burial At Sea Regulations



 According to regulations (40CFR 229.1) based on the Marine Protection, Research and Sanctuary Act of 1972, human remains transported from U.S. ports or on U.S. vessels or aircraft may be buried at sea under specified conditions. These include cremated as well as non-cremated remains. Requirements for burying remains at sea are listed below. Please note the requirement that the (EPA) be notified within 30 days after burial.


  Preparation for burial. Human remains shall be prepared for burial at sea and buried in accordance with accepted practices and requirements as may be deemed appropriate and desirable by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, or civil authority charged with the responsibility for making such arrangements. For example, local health departments may require burial or cremation permits.

  Disposal location and measures. Cremated remains shall be buried in or on ocean waters without regard to the depth limitations provided that such burial take place at least 3 nautical miles from land.

  Decomposable flowers and wreaths. Flowers and wreaths consisting of materials that are readily decomposable in the marine environment may be placed at the burial site.

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